Consider Twisted Tea Pit Vipers for Cycling

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Pit are available in several different styles, these include polarized Pit Vipers and lightweight twisted tea Pit Vipers. Some have removable side shields, which make them more comfortable with helmets. Besides, they also have an XS size option and are applying polycarbonate lenses for maximum protection.

Durable Pit for Extreme Conditions

Pit can withstand extreme conditions. Brad Mumford came up with the idea for blue Pit Vipers after his expensive sunglasses broke while touring the Tetons in Wyoming. This experience inspired him to design these rugged sunglasses and use them in his business. Now, they’re as eye-catching as they are functional and resistant to gunshots and bear attacks.

Pit Viper sunglasses are the perfect combination of style and function. The retro-style design has a throwback ’90s feel. are using lightweight TR90 and offer an interchangeable lens system. They also have a anti-fog coating and a nose pad adjustment.

Versatile Pit Viper Shades for Outdoor

Pit Viper sunglasses have adjustable features, which make them extremely versatile. For example, the Turbo Adjustment feature allows users to tilt the lenses away or toward the user’s face to reduce glare and wind protection. In addition, the Nose Bender adjusts the so that it fits snugly on the face.

feature a throwback ’90s vibe, which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, they also feature wind-bucking capabilities and protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. As a result, they’re extremely popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts alike.

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Top Quality Pit Viper Sports Lenses

Whether you’re a hardcore sportsman or a fashionista, the style can protect you from the sun. Their lightweight polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV protection and have an extended cord to make taking them off easy. Besides, some models are also polarized.

offer a variety of features to protect your eyes from the sun, including polarized side-view lenses, adjustable nose pads, and ear pads. Some models even feature removable side shields, which keep the lenses fog-free. In addition, they are lightweight, so they’re comfortable even when you’re wearing a helmet.

The brand’s line of sports sunglasses includes the absolute freedom, Leonardo, playmate, and the Pit Viper Exciters. All of these high-performance models offer maximum protection against the sun and wind. Moreover, the also look great on the beach and on the stage at a music festival.


When you’re looking for the best baseball sunglasses, look no further than prescription Pit Vipers. These unique sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They feature an adjustable nose pad and rubberized temples to prevent them from slipping. Besides, they’re also compatible with both baseball helmets and hats. The polarized lenses enable you to see the ball from all angles.

Whether you’re looking for prescription sunglasses or just want something stylish, the Pit Viper baseball sunglasses will protect your vision from the sun’s UV rays. These sunglasses come with different lens options, so you can get the right ones for your eyes. You can also find one that’s interchangeable, so you can easily switch out lenses as you need them.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of baseball sunglasses for yourself or for your son, these sunglasses will protect you against the glare. With their lightweight frame design, they’ll stay on your face comfortably and provide you with optimal visual clarity. They’re also available in black or gray, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style and budget.