How To Choose The Lens Colors of Pit Vipers Sunglasses

Pit Vipers Sunglasses

lens colors of Pit Vipers sunglasses
When looking for new sunglasses, the lens color of your Pit Vipers may be the most important consideration. These shades come in different colors, including black, blue, orange, pink and purple. You may be unsure about which color is best for you, so keep reading to learn more about different lens colors and what they mean. Then you can decide which pair will best complement your personality and style. A good rule of thumb is to choose a pair that will not clash with your current look.

Black Lens Pit Vipers

These sunglasses are very similar to the Army SPECS, but they are not exactly the same. In fact, they are almost identical, with the exception of frame color and branding. So, they can’t really be considered eccentric if they are worn by a soldier or someone in the military. But, who is the Pit Viper, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this pair of shades? Let’s find out.

The design of Black Pit Vipers is aggressive, combining bold, yet functional features. They are also designed to endure a beating – whether that’s getting shot at, shoved into a pocket, or being run over. Despite their rugged looks, Pit still perform well. They have three adjustment points – a nose pad and rubber ear pads – that help them stay in place. The lenses can also be tilted, so they stay close to the face.

Purple Lens Pit Vipers

Whether you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses with an incredibly retro design or a pair of shades that offer UV protection, you’ll find a pair of purple lens Pit Vipers to suit your style and needs. The double-wide polarized version of these sunglasses has a wide lens, reach-around earpieces, and float resistance. While purple and red lenses may not be for everyone, they do look great on certain types of faces, and they go well with most clothing.

Designed with a frameless shield, these Pit Viper Mudslingers sunglasses feature a purple lens with white text detailing. The adjustable arms and the Turbo(tm) Adjustment system will fit any face shape, providing complete comfort and protection. You might even get a gold cane or fur coat to go with your sunglasses. However, no matter how you wear them, you’ll still get plenty of admiring stares.

Pink Lens Pit Vipers

Pit have a variety of colors, including pink and yellow. These colors are fun and will give you a girly look. Pink and yellow lenses will pop against any neutral color frame, and will really bring out a woman’s feminine side. Red and green lenses are also available, but are often paired with other shades of sunglasses. If you are planning on wearing pink and yellow lenses with a pair of green Pit Vipers, you may want to try green and black shades.

These Pink Pit Vipers are fun for everyone. They have an attractive pink mirror lens and are a great way to add a little girly flair to your look. The design is fun for the whole family, and will surely turn heads. You can wear these sunglasses to a party or a stroll on the beach. Whatever the occasion, you’ll have plenty of attention in these shades! Whether you’re going on a date or simply need to stay a step ahead of your date, these sunglasses will make you look great.

Orange Lens Pit Vipers

If you’re looking for a new pair of sunglasses, consider an orange lens pair of Pit Vipers. Orange Pit Vipers will add a little punch to your look. The deep red lenses are especially fun to wear when the sun is behind you. The contrast and clarity of these shades is also unmatched. You can’t go wrong with this style! There’s something for everyone, so there’s no need to worry about your new pair getting damaged in the sun!

In case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can get a full refund from Pit Vipers within 45 days of your purchase. Remember, this doesn’t start counting from the date of delivery. However, you can still return your pair if the items are damaged or defective. Just keep in mind that they’re only eligible for a full refund if they’re faulty or damaged. This way, you won’t have to worry about spending extra money on new shades because you can always get a new pair later on.

Blue Lens Pit Vipers

If you are a true fan of the popular Pit Viper sunglasses, then you might want to go for the red or blue lens model. Although red is a hot color, it does stand out from any other pair of sunglasses, which some people may not like. Green is also a hot color, and the green lens is a great choice for those looking for privacy while driving or downhill. You can find Blue Pit at most sporting goods stores and online retailers.

The Pit Viper comes with three adjustment points, including a patented Turbo Adjustment. The Turbo Adjustment stretches the lens toward or away from the face, helping to block wind and glare. The Nose Bender adjustment bends the rubber nosepiece to keep the shades firmly on your face. The Pit Viper is sure not to fall off your face in the snow or on a dogpile.