Purple Pit Viper Sunglasses for Outdoor Sports

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If you’re looking for a pair of unique sunglasses, you should consider purple Pit Viper sunglasses, because they are functional and stylish. These sunglasses came from Chuck Mumford, a ski tourer. He was traveling in the Tetons, and found that his current sunglasses quickly broke. The idea for Pit Vipers was to create a pair of sunglasses that would withstand the sun, wind, and abuse. These glasses are lightweight and durable, and they can withstand extreme temperatures.

Various Styles of

Pit Viper have a few different styles that you can choose from. They offer classic styles as well as edgier styles. Moreover, they have styles that will appeal to both fashionistas and hardcore sportsmen, for example, Pit Viper Miami Nights. They also feature high-quality lenses and frames that won’t scratch.

These purple Pit have adjustable temples and feature a wide screen. They have a classic style that will last for years and are comfortable to wear. They also feature a reflective lens for better visibility. As a result, the Pit Viper Exciters are able to fit wide faces and offer a great fit.

Pit come in a variety of designs. They are available in single and double wide styles. The Pit Viper double wide style is the most popular. If you’re looking for a new pair of glasses, look for glasses. They are an excellent choice for outdoor activities and look great with all types of gear.

Great Protection from

are a great tool for extreme windsurfing. They can buck wind speeds of up to 420 kph. While a traditional model can easily buck wind at this speed, some people say they need something faster. The latest versions of Pit Vipers offer ultimate protection.

have full UV protection and poly carbonate lenses. They also have a cord that attaches to the stem of the goggle. This cord enables the wearer to easily take the goggles on and off. Therefore, these goggles are a great option for riders looking for full protection during all types of sports.

Pit Viper mystery

Unique Designs of Pit

The original design ideas for Pit Viper Absolute Freedom came from Chuck Mumford. He was touring in the Teton Mountains and his sunglasses broke. He then decided to make a pair that would be better able to take a beating and still look great. After a few days, Mumford was able to design a pair of sunglasses that were more durable than his previous pair.

Recently, the company has teamed up with a celebrity to produce the Pit Viper sunglasses. The brand has become an official partner of the Rob Gronkowski family. Rob Gronkowski and his family met with the company in March, and realeased a video of the event on the company’s YouTube channel.

Colorful Pit

If you love the look of purple, then unique purple Pit might be the right pair for you. These Viper shades are applying 100% UV protection material and can even reflect rainbow colors when you look into them. These Pit Viper glasses are perfect for everyday use and outdoor activities. These sunglasses are also available in a brown shade.

These glasses have a retro and stylish design that’s easy to recognize. They offer two sizes and feature an adjustable nose pad and earpieces that can be angled inwards or outwards. In addition, they have interchangeable earpieces and a memory nose pad.