Which Style of Pit Viper Shades Suits You the Best?

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Pit feature three different adjustment points to fit your face comfortably, therefore these unique sunglasses are very popular. One adjustment, the Turbo Adjustment, allows you to angle the lenses toward or away from your face. This helps prevent wind and glare from affecting your vision. Another adjustment, the Nose Bender, bends the rubber nose piece to fit the contours of your nose.

Various Styles of Pit Viper Sunglasses

Whether you’re looking for an edgy new look, or a more classic look, Pit Viper has a style to suit your tastes. Their collection includes that suit hard-core sportsmen as well as fashionistas. Besides, they also stand by their products and guarantee that they won’t break or scratch.

Pit Viper glasses are perfect for all kinds of activities, from skiing and snowboarding to tailgating parties and summer sports. They are aiming at providing maximum protection from UV rays and the wind. Moreover, their stylish design makes these suitable for any occasion. As a result, trend-setting sportsmen and females have been adopting sunglasses for their stylish and unique looks.

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Great Customer Service

If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund within 45 days of purchase. This doesn’t count from delivery date and includes any applicable taxes. Moreover, to make sure that your package reaches you in pristine condition, Pit Viper will send you an email with a tracking code, which you can use to track your shipment. Note that you should check your spam folder to ensure that you don’t miss the Pit Viper goggles.

Shades are applying high quality materials and have a good price tag. They are extremely durable and are famous for saving people’s lives. In addition, they also come in two sizes, one with single-wide lenses and the other with double-wide lenses. The version has a half-inch longer lens than the single-wide model.

Unique Designs of Pit Viper Frames

The design of Pit is unique and polarized, but the comfort factor is not sacrificed. These polarized Pit Vipers come in a variety of sizes and are available worldwide. Moreover, you can return them in case they are not suitable for you. You can even customize these sunglasses to fit your face.

The latest versions of Pit Viper are able to withstand the harsh elements in the outdoors. With their 12mm wider frame, these can block out all blue light. Moreover, they can also endure prolonged periods in the sun. Thus, if you’re into adventure sports, the can give you the protection you need when you’re on a long trip.

The Pit Viper Miami Nights are popular among outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay cool and stylish. They come in several colors. The single wide model has a grey look-through lens, while the double-wide model is black. The different color combinations give you the option to change your style depending on what you are wearing. Wearing these sunglasses will make you look like a superhero!